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April 2020

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Green Smart Living Ecig Discounts

One of the many advantages of electronic cigarettes versus traditional ones is that it is environmental friendly. It does not emit smoke and harmful chemicals so people can enjoy the act of smoking without harming the environment. “Green Smart Living” is an electronic cigarette brand that took that Mantra up the next level and managed to standout from other E-cig brands because of that. The brand was established in 2010 at Salt Lake City, Utah and thanks to the premise behind their advertising “Build a greener and healthier world”, their high quality E-cigarettes and rich flavors, Green Smart Living is now of the most successful E-cig brand, not only in the US but around the Globe. GreenSmartliving has now entered the European markets and has selected Spain to start its operations.

Simplicity At Its Best

While most E-cig brands offer a lot of starter kits, e-cig accessories and other e-cig products which can be beneficial for some. Green Smart Living chose the simplicity and convenience path when it comes to their product lines. Beginners will not be confused which starter kit they should buy because Green Smart Living only offers one starter kit, The Blister Pack which sells at only $22.99. This sole starter kit has everything you need to start vaping: A powerful battery that can last up to 3hours, two flavor cartridges in menthol and tobacco flavor (nicotine strength at 1.8%) and a USB charger. It is strongly recommended that you add up and get their Carrying Case so you can keep all your e-cig products in one convenient place. The carry case has a lightweight stylish aluminum shell and wrapped with a smooth composite leather skin and is just the perfect size to bring everywhere you are.

Our Review

Another take on simplicity is how Green Smart Living offers only two nicotine strength the High which is at 1.8% nicotine and the low which is at 0.6%. According to surveys, these two are the most indemand nicotine strength anyway. This is because in reality, vapers are just classified in two categories: heavy smokers and light smokers. There’s really nothing in between. So why not make the options simple too.

Main Advantages

  • Green Smart Living produces really thick vapor and amazing throat hit. E-cig reviews online are even saying that it is one of the brands that is closest to the real thing.
  • Unlike other E-cig brands battery on starter kits, which only have half a charge, all Green Smart Living batteries come in full charge. You can begin enjoying your new e-cigarette right away at its full performance.
  • Green Smart Living offers the best flavor lineup: coffee, vanilla, menthol, tobacco, peach, cherry, and an unusual flavor in form of Acai berry which is surprisingly a best seller.
  • Green Smart Living is constantly expanding its reach battling it up with Blu cigs as one of the few E-cig brands that have convenience stores, smoke shops, liquor stores and pharmacies that carry their products all around the US. Thousands of stores in the US now carry Green Smart Living and if ever you know of a store near you that don’t carry Green Smart Living, simply email Green Smat Living and make a request and they will work on contacting that store to sell their E-cigs.
  • People also love the way Green Smart Living offer other merchandises like t-shirts which really give a bold statement about vaping and the Rebound Now hangover prevention pill designed to prevent hangovers due to alcohol.
  • Last but definitely not the least, the nicotine at Green Smart Living is unlike any other. It is all natural and derived from non-tobacco plant sources like tomatoes and potatoes. Using tobacco to derived nicotine requires up to 16 applications of pesticides that can robbed the soil of nutrient. By totally eliminating tobacco in your life, you are protecting the environment more.


“Easy for the planet and easier for your wallet” This perfectly describe the prices at Green Smart Living as they are one of the most economical E-cig brands we’ve ever seen. For less than $25 you can now get your starter kit. And the replacement cartridges are very affordable too which sells at $13.95 per five packs. Not only that, Green Smart Living even offers coupons and discounts for their customers that can further make their products affordable. Simply do a google search and plenty of coupons and discounts can be found.