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April 2020

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Thanks for visiting, any V2 cigs coupon code listed on the page are valid and currently all work. Comment below if you were able to save! Get 25% off to 40% off discounts on starter v2 ecig kits for 2014. Hurry act fast! If you are looking for the best electronic cigarette brand around, then V2 Cigs is definitely the brand for you. V2 e-cig are designed for your satisfaction and to finally make that big switch in your life and choose the healthier alternative to smoking.

V2 cigs discount codes 2014

Lucky for you, we have V2 cigs coupon codes today to make you try V2 cigs today in a lesser price. Read on to learn more about V2 cigs and why you should buy one today.

About V2 Cigs

V2 cigs is one of the top and most popular electronic cigarette brands in the US. Established around 2008, they make high quality and stylish electronic cigarettes in a very affordable price tag, constantly check and test their products, offer a warranty that no other company can even touch and provide excellent customer service. The company claims that they have over 1 million satisfied customers and we can see why.

Why V2 Cigs?

V2 Cigs is our choice as the best electronic cigarette on the market. Apparently, experts and users alike think so too. Here’s an overall rating of V2 cigs according to our experts.

Vapor Volume: 5 out of 5 Stars

V2 cigs is one of the top brands when it comes to Volume thickness and throat hit.

Ease of Use: 5 out of 5 Stars

V2 cigs are utilizing two primary components, the Flavor Cartridge and the battery. This means that all the user needs to do to get them started smoking is to charge the battery and put in the flavor cartridge. It’s that easy! Also, thanks to the simple USB charger, the battery can be charged from either a wall adaptor, which comes with the starter kits, or direct from your computer

Battery Life: 4 out of 5 Stars

V2 cigs offers different type of batteries and how long it last depends on what type you chose. The smallest of them all 150mAh battery usually last around 4hrs while the other ones such as KR808 battery and 380mAh battery will last you for almost a day or more. Another great thing about V2 Cigs batteries is they are regulated at 4.2 volts, instead of the usual 3.7 volts. Because of this, they produce hotter vapor, and more of it. Last but not the least, they sealed the batteries which makes them a lot less vulnerable to damage caused by e-liquid leaking and other stuffs.

Flavor Cartridges: 5 out of 5 Stars

V2 cigs offers 10 delicious flavor cartridges for you to choose from. These includes Three tobacco tastes - V2 Red (American Tobacco Blend), V2 Sahara (Turkish Tobacco), V2 Congress (Tobacco with Distinction) Three minty flavors - V2 Menthol (Crisp Cool Minty Taste), V2 Peppermint (Sweet Mint), V2 Green Tea Menthol (Smooth and Refreshing). Four specialty cartridges - Cherry, Coffee, Vanilla, Cola. Limited edition flavors - chocolate and grapes. V2 cigs tobacco tastes are the best sellers with V2 Red giving people the perfect replication they can have when smoking Marlboro. Their fruity flavors are also superior to other brands fruity flavor as they are not that sweet as the other brands. It has just the right blend if you want to try other flavors. Another way that separates V2 cigs from other brands is that they allow their customers to buy just the E-Juice refill and not the whole cartridge. Customers can just reuse their empty cartridge then or make their own. Any of the ten flavors can be bought as e-Jucie refill and it is a way of getting your vapor fix at a lower cost. It does take a bit for work and I would recommend that you try the normal pre-filled cartridges in advance and get used to the set up of electronic cigarettes before going down the self filling route.

Warranty: 5 out of 5 Stars

Anyone who is not satisfied with V2 electronic cigarettes can request for a refund within 30days of buying the product. V2 cigs is the only brand who is offering a warranty. Simply contact their customer support team on their free toll number or through online chat. For registered members, it’s even easier. Users can just log in to their accounts and click on their order. Simply click the return button that you will see there and your request will be process. V2 cigs will refund all starter kits as long as the box and the packaging are still in tack.

Customer Service: 5 out of 5 stars

V2 cigs excel in all category of customer service. Shipping speed is awesome, stock availability is huge, packaging is perfect and the support team of them stands out from the rest. V2 cigs support team is there for you 24/7. Their employees are respectful and well educated. Furthermore, their website are full of great information that will help any new E-cigs user a lot.

Quality: 5 out of 5 Stars

The reasons V2 Cigs are extremely popular are many but the most noticeable reason is its superior quality control. They are the only brand that has batch testing in all of their e-liquid products. If you want to check yours, simply locate the batch number of your V2 cigs product, type it in their website and V2 cigs will give you a batch report fast.

V2 Pro Coupon Codes

Currently V2.com is running an introductory promotional price of $59.99 which will be raised August 20th, 2014. Take advantage of this promo cost as it will raise to $79.99. There are tons of great reviews on this "magical magnetic" v2 pro series 3 line and all it's new functions as a 3-1 personal vaporizer. Both our site and our partner site will carry any valid v2 pro coupon code once they release.

V2 cigs 2014 Promotional Offers : 5 out of 5 Stars

V2 coupon codes are always offered by v2.com and v2cigs.com through their partner websites like ours. We have partnered with V2Cigs to bring you discounts for the #1 E-cigarettes in the market. Take advantage of this partnership by availing of our promo codes listed above. V2 cigs also offer an affiliate program where every time you refer someone else to buy V2 cig, you’ll get a percent discount in your next purchase. This is like helping other people switch to a healthy alternative to smoking while you also reap rewards.

How to use V2 Cigs coupon?

Simply copy the coupon code at paste it at the checkout page of V2 cigs store and you will instantly get the discount.

Will the v2cigs.com coupon code work for V2 Cigs UK? V2cigs.eu? V2cigs.cz?

Yes! Our exclusive V2 voucher codes work for v2cigs.eu and v2cigs.cz along with ecigs.com and vaporcouture.com

Overall Rating: 4.9 out of 5

V2 Cigs is definitely the #1 E-cigarette brand around and there are solid reasons why.

What To Buy?

If you are a new E-cigarette smoker, then Starter kits are the best buy for you. You can choose to buy the Beginner’s Kit at $34.95, the V2 Standard Kit at $59 or the V2 Standard Plus Kit at $99.95. A starter kit will have everything you need to start your new lifestyle. V2 Cigs Starter kits allow for great flexibility in the batteries and cartridges. You can choose which type of battery length you need, as well as the color and if you would like manual or auto. The same goes for cartridges flavor; you have full control over the flavor and nicotine strength. So it is very simple to personalize your e-cigs when ordering. If you are a couple who wants to do the switch together, then the Couple kits which sell at $114.95 is the best buy for you lovebirds. If you are a long time V2 cigs user and you know that you are going to use your V2 cigs a lot, then you should order larger kits or in bulk. It will save you money in the long run rather than buying them separately. V2 cigs offer as many as 80 packs of cartridge refills as well as accessories that will help you on your way such as the portable charging case. The biggest savings is with the Ultimate kit which sells at $143.96. With this kit you get a total of 25 cartridge of different flavors, 1 E-cigs, three batteries, two cases (standard case and charging case) and an array of chargers.

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