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April 2020

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Finally! An E-cigarette made for women!


In the early years of E-cigarettes, it seems that electronic cigarettes are geared toward the male consumers. The design are usually black and silver and very manly. The flavors are masculine. And the advertisements and marketing are all for men. Not anymore! Now there’s Vapor Couture. A posh and classy E-cigarette brand made specifically for women.

About Vapor Couture E-Cigs

Vapor Couture E-cigarettes are made by the same company who made V2 cigs (one of the leading brand of E-cigarettes around), VMR products. V2 cigs are famous for their quality products and safety as they are the only ones who do batch testing. And since they are both VMR products, you are sure that it went through the same rigorous standards all VMR products when through before any vapers can try it. Vapor Couture is ultra chic and elegant it, women can even coordinate their E-cigs device to match the color of their dress. We strongly recommend Vapor Couture for all the ladies out there.

Here are more details about Vapor Couture

VC Batteries

You have four color options to choose from when it comes to batteries. Deep purple, brushed platinum, rose gold, signature. These are only a 150mAh battery – it’s one of the smallest ones that you can find in the world of e-cigs. So it only last around 1-2hrs

Vapor Couture Flavors & Cartridges

Vapor Couture offers six delicious flavors that women will surely love. These are tasty, and I mean if you love sweets or just a little hint of melodic strawberry these are for you. They carry Bombshell tobacco, all-american tobacco rodeo drive, fresh mint, passion fruit, strawberry champagne and arctic mint. The nicotine strengths are a little bit lower than the usual E-cigarettes and comes at 0%, 0.6%, 1.2% and 1.8%.

Where Do I Start?

My recommendation if you're starting out new is going with a e-cig starter kit. There are several starter kits and I can recommend 2 starter kits from Vapor Couture. The VC Essential kits which sale at $64.95 and the VC Deluxe Kit at $99.95. Both have all the essentials you will need in order to get a great vaping experience.

VC Essentials Kit - includes 2 automatic batteries, 5 cartridges, a wall charger, USB charger and a manual charger. The chargers are a very simple white color with the VC logo on the side, and the batteries come in one of four colors.

VC Deluxe Kit at $99.95 – includes 2 automatic batteries. 10 cartridges, 1 clutch/carry case, 1 lanyard with a charm, a wall charger, USB charger and a manual charger.

Vapor Couture 2014 Promotional Offers

Find the prices a little bit high than the others? Well, that's because every women deserves a little treasure now and then. They are precious and they deserve an expensive E-cigarette if it's all worth it.

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Added Extras

What I love most about Vapor Couture is the way the ends of their E-cigs dont burn like any other E-cigs in the market (where they have red, blue or green lit tip). Vapor Couture had a diamond-style crystal that glows in a complementary color to the battery. It looks really good.

There are also a lot of additional accessories that you can purchase for your Vapor couture E-cigs. Including necklaces to hold your E-cig, spacious clutch carry cases with mirror inside it, bracelets with charms that can carry your battery and many more.

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If, after all, you find something unsatisfactory with Vapor Couture, you can always send a request to return the product.  All vapor Couture products have 30-day money back guarantee and limited warranty for life - five replacements like V2 cigs (you do need to remember that you need to have made a purchase in the last 90 days before making your claim otherwise it will be classed as void).

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